Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tokyo Disney

At the end of November I had a three day weekend and a few of my friends and I went to Tokyo to Disney Land and Disney Sea. This was the first Disney to be built outside of the United States about 25 years ago. It has been very successful. Japanese people love cute things, love’m. No surprise that Disney land was the epitome of that. I saw men wearing pink leopard print Mickey Mouse ears. My friend Brian took a video of our trip and he often does take video of the little adventures that he has, some of which I am in. To see the one for Disneyland go to
If you would like to see other videos Brian has plenty more of Aizu area happenings. I am pretty sure I appear in only two other videos, Sendai Jazz Fest, and Sukagawa Fire Festival. You can see these videos and more from Brian at

The first day we spent at Disney Land. It was about 5pm when we arrived and were only able to get in because we had bought our tickets a few weeks prior. We had to wade through a throng of Japanese people who were standing waiting to get in for some reason even though they did not have tickets. The park was packed! At one point in the video Brian looks at the line for Space Mountain and says, “No space mountain today.” That turned out to be incorrect. The wait went to down to 1hr and 30 minutes, so we got in line and waited 1hr and 30 minutes to go on Space Mountain, which lasted less than five minutes. There were few choices however, most rides had at least a one hour waiting period.

Day two wasn’t much better, but we went to Disney Sea next to Disney Land so at least the Landscape changed a little. Two of the pictures I have posted were in Disney Sea. They had a large lagoon that was surrounded be a castle on one side and Italian style housing on the other. It was fantastic. There were variously themed areas like Indians Jones Jungle, America Town, Arabian Nights, etc. It was cool. I definitely want to go again and encourage anyone who comes to see me to consider going for a day or two. Accommodations in Tokyo can be surprisingly cheap. I spent two nights in a decent hotel, like a Best Western, and spent less than 80 US, of course I shared a room, but hey, still good.

Day three was nice. We all opted to go back to Disney Sea instead of Disneyland. There was more there that we all wanted to go and check out. I went on Tower of Terror that day, which I think was my favorite ride. At days end we got on our Sakura bus and hit the road, making it back to Aizu around 9pm. Not bad. Good times.