Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why I'm back on this Blog

I've decided, after my six months or so at home now, that KevinsCairo will always be my site. I had started another site to distance myself from Cairo, but I now think that it needs to be embraced. Cairo started something in my life. It signified change for the better and for the worst. It is a pivotal point in my life. Therefore KevinsCairo will stand. I am planning on traveling quite a bit this summer so new posts will be arriving soon. Most of them in June and early July.

Another side bit. I have decided to stay with my small rural school for one more year. I feel like I need time to sort out what I want to do with myself and to pay off some debts. Not like working in a Catholic school will let me pay debts, but...
Throughout the school year in the fall and winter I will be taking some trips as well. Next summer is a big trip, so stay tuned for that. I hope that as you view my site you keep coming back. It is great to hear from you.

The First Post

As most of you know I have left Egypt and I am back in the U.S. I am now teaching at a small Catholic school outside of my home town. I am teaching a combined 4&5th grade, a combined 6&7 grade, and eighth grade in the subjects of social studies and religion. The social studies are fun, but the religion is a challenge. Not that I don't know a few things about religion, but it is difficult for me to put that into school lessons. The younger kids are a special challenge for me because I am not used to kids so young. Generally things are ok though. I have few photos to include. Most are of the town I am living in now. Some of them are of the school. It is so small!! There are only about sixty kids in K-8! Most of my classes are about twelve students. It is strange. I am not used to kids who are so well behaved and are in such small groups. Sometimes the silence is unbearable. Although it is good for me. I think this will really round out my resume'. Now I will have taught in public, private, and parochial. I will have taught grades 4-12. I will have taught urban, rural, and international. Anyhow, I christen this sight and hope you keep coming and enjoying.

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