Thursday, August 03, 2006

The End of the Road

For now it is the end of the road. Another few thousand miles of travel, another country the three largest U.S. cities, one new state, and best of all a chance to spend time with my freinds.

Once I had asked a my girlfreind where all her freinds were. It seemed as though she didn't have any, I never saw them for months. In response to my question she called a number of people in Chicago, San Franciso, and Brisbane Australia. I now realize that I am fast becoming the same way. In my home town I have only one person I really talk to who is not family. Other than that most of my freinds are elsewhere. The span from New York, LA, Istanbul, Cairo, Denver, Vancouver, Badsackingen, and of course Milwaukee. Like many other aspects of my life, my freinds are becoming scattered.

I hold great affection for those I just visited, thank them for their help and hospitality, and hopefully I will seem them or you very soon wherever you may be.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


New York's Mass Transit is very good, although it was not the first in the world as many believe. London had the first subway (tube).

St.Patrick's and Alexander Hamilton

Strawberry Fields Forever

LA Aquarium

One day Peter, Arni, Yumi, and myself dawdled to the LA Aquarium to get Yumi outside of the house for a while, she had been asking all week to go and finally Arni relented. It was quite fun. We fed the birds and touched Rays. Rays feel really smooth but also slimy. It was pretty exciting to get to touch them and they actually liked the attention as long as it was gentle. We saw all manner of aquatic life like sharks, stars, seahorses, urchin, turtles, and an aray of larger fish. Generally it was good to get out for a little while.

Staten Island Ferry / The Colosus of NY

Since I was old enough to appreciate it and ask about it my grandfather has told me stories about how when he was in WWII (the big one) he was on a destoyer called the USS Savage. Many times he left and entered NY harbor. He always ends his stories with, "I was always sad to see her go and glad to see her when I returned." So when I was in town I had to stop by the old ladies house and tell her that John Nelson says hello and he is doing fine.

Trade Center 06'

Of course while in NY I had to see what ground zero looked like. Basically it looks like a hole in the ground, as you can see by one of these photos. The entire area is fenced off and around some of the parameter there are story boards depicting exactly what happened at what times. On some of the fencing there was black board where people wrote messages such as the one above, if you can't read it this is what is says.

Yo New York

I hope you are starting to feel better
I see that nasty scar is starting
to heal...a little...
I will always pray for your (lives??)
stay strong. You are still the
greatest city in the world

I love you

Its Not Just Another Cock and Bull Story

The New York Stock Exchange