Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

This year we travelled through Osaka to Kobe to Tokyo and we knew that we would see some blossoms on the way, but it was hard to tell when and where. Unfortunately Osaka had not yet bloomed, though we did see a few early trees here and there. In Kobe it was much the same. Luckily Tokyo was just past the peak so many trees were either in full bloom or just past it and loosing petals for leaves.
I also thought the weather this year was quite warm. I didn't need a jacket really at all. A sweater would have been fine the whole trip. This is not what I remember from 2008 when I went to Kyoto with my friend Richard. At that time I wore a jacket and I remember feeling cold in the evenings. So I investigated, has the weather gotten warmer? In fact, yes, and it seems to be causing blossoms to come a little earlier each year.

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